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Endura, a premier Scottish cycling apparel brand, has an exceptional reputation for producing top-quality, long-lasting, and functional clothing for cycling enthusiasts of all levels. The brand’s apparel is tailored to meet the unique requirements of cyclists, incorporating advanced features such as breathable fabrics, moisture-wicking properties, and aerodynamic cuts to optimize performance. Furthermore, Endura places a…

RedWhite cycling kit - featured


Amreet Singh and Yuva Viswanathan founded RedWhite in Singapore in 2014 after a punishing 200km ride. Frustrated by the lack of bib shorts designed to make long rides bearable, they decided to create their own. Six months later RedWhite launched The BIB – designed specifically for ultra-distance riders. The chamois is breathable, anti-bacterial and thermal-moulded…


Twin Six

Graphic designers – Brent Gale and Ryan Carlson – founded Twin Six in 2004 with one humble ambition: “to change the face of cycling apparel”. Their fresh, energetic designs broke the mould in a market dominated by replica pro kits and licensed apparel. Since then, they’ve stayed at the leading edge of bike fashion. Always…



In 2012, British entrepreneur Nick Hussey set about creating bike kit to challenge the snobbery and cliqueness from some parts of the cycling industry. The result is Vulpine: a fresh, fun and accessible brand that ‘looks beautiful and works superbly’ – both on and off the bike. Vulpine is instantly recognisable thanks to its designs…

Search and State cycling kit - featured

Search and State

SAS have one simple goal: to make performance kit that looks and feels better than anything else you’ve worn before. All their products are manufactured in New York’s garment district in Manhattan, which means they get to personally oversee every stage of design and production. They take a ‘one piece at a time’ approach to…



Sportful, an esteemed cycling apparel brand of Italian origin, was established in the year 1972. Acknowledged for its unparalleled quality and performance-oriented cycling clothing and accessories, the brand has carved a niche for itself in the cycling world. Each of Sportful’s garments is meticulously designed to offer a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance,…


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