Best Bike Handlebar Bags

| Luis de Sousa

Only just recently, with the advent of gravel riding the popularity of the handlebar bag has risen across all cycling disciplines. Ingenious new rackless systems have made these bags lighter and more compact, so there’s even a case to be made for road cyclists that want a practical alternative to stuffing their jersey pockets with an ever-increasing number of gadgets and accessories.

Design classic: RedWhite’s ‘the BIB’ bibshorts

| Duncan Moore

RedWhite is a Singabore-based launched with only one product: the BIB. Designed specifically for long-distance riding, these shorts have quickly gained a reputation as potential crotch savers. Duncan Moore put them to the test.

Demystifying the future of bike fashion

| Isobel Isaakson

Road cycling has exploded in recent years, and with it the demand for new types and styles of kit. But what does the future hold for this growing market? And what does that mean for cyclists? We look at 3 emerging trends.

6 ways to choose the perfect pair of cycling shorts

| Duncan Moore

How difficult can it be to find a pair of padded shorts to keep you comfy on your bike? Harder than you’d think. Luckily, Duncan Moore has demystified the art of shopping for cycling shorts. Your nether regions will want to thank him.

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