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Design classic: RedWhite’s ‘the BIB’ bibshorts

| Duncan Moore

RedWhite is a Singabore-based launched with only one product: the BIB. Designed specifically for long-distance riding, these shorts have quickly gained a reputation as potential crotch savers. Duncan Moore put them to the test.


  • Well thought-out insert
  • Good cut
  • Comfortable leg grippers


  • Only one colour
  • Cost can be expensive if you don’t get a good exchange rate


When it comes to Lycra bib shorts, style’s not really the issue. It’s usually the jerseys that do all the talking. However, the RedWhite branding on the right leg looks good and the red bib section provides a nice contrast to the black of the short’s legs.

8 out of 10


Ask 100 people for their opinion on how a pair of bib shorts fit and you’ll get 100 different answers. A lot depends on if the cut matches your body shape. I have a long torso, which can prove troublesome when choosing bib shorts, but the BIB fit me just fine.

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure which size to order but the quick responses from RedWhite’s customer service team soon put my mind at rest. They know their product and sizes really well.

RedWhite bibshorts - chamois

“While the insert initially feels very bulky, after several hours in the saddle I didn’t even notice it.”

Most important on a pair of bib shorts designed for long-distance riding is the comfort of the padded insert. RedWhite have done a great job here. Included with the shorts was a small card advising me to soak them in cold water overnight. Apparently, this makes it easier to break the insert in. All I know is that while the insert initially feels very bulky, after several hours in the saddle I didn’t even notice it.

9 out of 10


A good pair of bib shorts is a fabulous thing. But what makes a good pair of bib shorts? Fit, obviously, and comfort too, but also how it feels in the saddle. The BIB performs well. The bib section of the shorts is a lightweight mesh, which means even on hot days you never get so hot as to be uncomfortable.

RedWhite cycling kit the BIB bib shorts - front

Now, back to that insert. It’s made from multiple sections that are sculpted and shaped into one piece through ‘thermal moulding’. This process ensures none of the materials involved are stressed or lose shape – even after many rides, and many washes.

9 out of 10

Technical details

Speaking to the team at RedWhite, I discovered they use 220gsm Lycra to make the BIB. They chose this weight rather than the more usual 300gsm as it’s cooler but still wicks sweat away. Apparently, the only downside is that it can’t be printed on, which explains the minimalist branding.

It is also worth noting that the six panels used to make the legs are positioned so there are no seams on the insides. This might not sound like much but it removes more potential irritation for the long-distance rider and shows how much thought RedWhite have put into the BIB.

RedWhite cycling kit the BIB bib shorts - full

Another detail sets the BIB apart from many of its rivals: leg grippers. Nothing worse than bib shorts that either won’t hold their position or cut into the legs. RedWhite has taken the unusual approach of replacing the normal strip of silicone with a 7cm band of polyester and elastane material coated on the inside with silicone microdots at the bottom of each leg. These shorts don’t ride up while I’m riding but nor do they feel like they’re cutting off my blood circulation. Why can’t more shorts be like these?

10 out of 10


Machine wash the shorts 30 degrees. After many washes, they still look as good as when they arrived – the colours haven’t faded and none of the stitching has worked loose. Even the insert has remained supple and flexible.

10 out of 10

Customer service

RedWhite might be based in the East but don’t let that put you off buying direct. Any questions you have about either the BIB or their RACE shorts will be answered quickly – and possibly by one of the company founders too.

RedWhite offers a crash replacement policy. Hit the deck while wearing a pair of their shorts you can show them evidence of the damage to your shorts (and any injuries) to work out a discount on a new pair. I can’t comment on how well this works as I’ve not yet had any reason to put it to the test, but my previous experience with RedWhite suggests it’ll be a trouble-free experience.

10 out of 10

Value for money

There’s no denying that RedWhite’s the BIB is expensive – but that’s true of all high-end bib shorts. The question is do they compare to premium brands? I think so. They’re extremely comfortable, there are a lot of clever design touches, and the customer service is among the best I’ve ever received. The only thing to look out for are fluctuations in the exchange rate that can affect the cost of the shorts.

10 out of 10


Cycling shorts are a very personal thing, but for me RedWhite’s the BIB are among the best bib shorts I’ve ever worn. Henry Royce, the founder or Rolls Royce once said “the quality is remembered long after the cost is forgotten”. This phrase is true for some premium cycling kit, and it’s certainly true for RedWhite’s BIB.

10 out of 10

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