Amreet Singh and Yuva Viswanathan founded RedWhite in Singapore in 2014 after a punishing 200km ride. Frustrated by the lack of bib shorts designed to make long rides bearable, they decided to create their own.

Six months later RedWhite launched The BIB – designed specifically for ultra-distance riders. The chamois is breathable, anti-bacterial and thermal-moulded to prevent compression on long rides.

Now RedWhite also has The RACE – lightweight racing bib shorts, with no compromise on comfort. They’re also working on a women’s specific version of The BIB.

In terms of style, Yuva says: “We focus on bib short technology that allows cyclists to ride and race ultra distance in comfort. As such, we don’t follow fashion trends. We let function dictate form.”

Where to buy

Where to buy RedWhite

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