Bianchi Milano

The Bianchi brand was originally founded in 1885 and is a legend in the cycling world. Instantly you think of the celeste-green bikes ridden by the likes of Coppi, Gimondi, and Pantani.

Besides selling bicycles, bike’s parts and accessories, this Italian powerhouse also offers cycling clothing. The Bianchi-Milano line presented on this page is produced and designed by Nalini and is based on an exclusive agreement established years ago between Claudio Mantovani and the former owners of Bianchi. Nalini still holds exclusive rights to the Bianchi-Milano license.

Rather than just rely on their brand or trademark celeste color to sell their cycling clothes, they have focused on performance and style. Bianchi Milano stands for the best of Italian creativity and innovation.

Bianchi Milano’s cycling clothing range combines the latest materials and performance with an elegant design and retro touch. They only use state of the art materials and craftsmanship to ensure optimal comfort for all cyclists ranging from professionals to occasional weekend riders.

Whether you have a Bianchi bicycle or not, you have a chance to be part of Italian cycling history by investing in something from their cycling clothing range.

Where to buy

Where to buy Bianchi Milano

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