Pietro Santini started his eponymous company in 1965 to design and produce quality cycling kit exclusively in Italy.

It began when he took over an artisan knitwear factory from his sisters. Pietro’s passion for cycling took hold and the rest is history. Santini is now one of the most widespread and recognised cycling brands on the planet.

They provide jerseys for the UCI World Championships, the UCI Pro Tour, the Tour Down Under, and many more. They’ve been official clothes sponsor for various pro teams, including GreenEdge and Katusha. And they still keep a hand in the old school knitwear as the official clothes sponsor of the Eroica vintage cycling events.

All their products are designed, developed and produced in-house – some 3000 items a day. Everything from entry-level riding wear to the latest performance tech to clothes world champions. That’s how you stay on top for 60 years.

Where to buy

Where to buy Santini

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