Q36.5 is a distinguished cycling apparel brand originating from Italy, which was established in 2013. The brand has placed an unwavering focus on innovation, research, and design, elevating its reputation to one of the most revered in the industry.

Q36.5 has become renowned for its utilization of cutting-edge materials and technologies that include high-tech fabrics and aerodynamic designs, resulting in cycling apparel that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Every garment is tailored to offer unparalleled performance and comfort, highlighting a strong emphasis on functionality and ergonomic design.

The brand offers an array of styles and collections, from classic road cycling attire to mountain biking apparel and accessories, each meticulously crafted with the same level of detail and unwavering commitment to quality. Q36.5’s dedication to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices have rightfully earned them a place as a top option for ardent cyclists who demand the best in performance and quality.

Where to buy

Where to buy Q36.5

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