Nalini was founded by Vincenzo and Claudio Mantovani in 1964. Their focus was on the quality and innovation of the first man-made fibres. They embraced advancing technologies for creating new fabrics and printing their designs on them while using cutting edge treatments. They became a big player in the cycling world when Nalini sponsored professional cyclists became champions. Their support of successful riders and prestigious teams continues to this day.

Nalini’s cycling clothes are manufactured in Italy and the company still concentrates on their original leading-edge philosophy. The material and production methods are chosen for their technical characteristics. The treatments and membranes add to the quality of the clothing and cater to the wearer’s needs. The fit of Nalini’s clothing is designed to respect your anatomy and ergonomics while riding.

The clothing range is large and consists of everything a cyclist needs. Whether you are commuting on a wet weather day or riding the cols of the alps in the summer. The style of Nalini’s clothing consists of bold graphics and bright colours that are sure to turn heads.

Where to buy

Where to buy Nalini

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