Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau is a Canadian ex-Olympic cyclist that began his company in the early 1980s. His ambitions were to wear his clothing brand during the 1984 Olympic Games and to produce quality garments for cyclists everywhere. Starting in his parent’s garage, he built his company into a leading brand in the cycling industry. The company was one of the first to produce helmets, shoes, and clothing as a brand that meets all the needs of a cyclist.

Louis Garneau’s innovative clothing range is designed and developed in-house in Canada, and are produced in the Louis Garneau factory in Mexico. With a commitment to be suitable for cyclists of all levels, the wide range of products offers something for everyone.

The style of Lous Garneau cycling clothes is functional and technical, but if you want something unique, the custom range offers you the chance to create the perfect cyclist’s wardrobe. You can specify whatever you want, from a jersey with your own design to a full triathlon team’s kit with high performing apparel.

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Where to buy Louis Garneau

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