Bontrager has been on an interesting journey. In the 80s Keith Bontrager, a former motorcycle racer, made his name designing and building cutting edge mountain bikes.

In 1995, the Trek Bicycle Corporation acquired Bontrager Cycles and kept Keith on as president. Keith continued to innovate at Trek – focusing mainly on Bontrager-branded bike components.

Nowadays, Bontrager is perhaps better known for things like tyres, wheels, handlebars and seat posts. However, it also has a large selection of high-end kit, including shoes and helmets, all of which meet Keith’s exacting standards for performance and design.

Bontrager’s output across the full range of cycling parts, accessories and clothing is huge. Their presence is ubiquitous. But when you’ve got a global giant like Trek behind you, market domination is to be expected.

Where to buy

Where to buy Bontrager

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