Giordana Cycling

Established in 1979, with the sole purpose of crafting the best cycling clothing on the market.

Giordana Cycling was born in America and made in Italy. In the founder’s words, “it’s the best of both worlds”!

Their cycling clothing combines Italian craftsmanship and style. It is a premium brand with the performance to more than justify its price tag. With a wide range of styles to suit any budget, their customers range from competitive races to the everyday athlete.

Their main goal is to keep innovating their clothing range to create high-performance cycling clothes that improve the rider’s comfort while also looking stylish.

As you would expect from such a premium cycling clothing manufacturer, Giordana Cycling offers professionals and clubs the opportunity to create a custom kit. They have in house designers and software that help create high-performance gear according to your design.

If high-quality, high-performance and stylish cycling clothing are what you are looking for, make the most of Giordana’s 40 years of experience in the industry and check out their wide range of cycling clothing.

Where to buy

Where to buy Giordana Cycling

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