De Marchi

De Marchi is one of the world’s oldest cycling clothing brands and their passion for heritage shows in the design of their products. Founded just a few months after world war II in 1946, by Emilio De Marchi. The brand became famous for using merino wool to make cycling jerseys and shorts. De Marchi is one for the purists that appreciate the history of the brand and its contributions to the world of cycling.

De Marchi’s historical innovations include replacing buttons on jerseys with zips, the soft-gel heat moulded chamois, the inflatable chamois, 3D engineered cycling shorts and the first seamless cycling short, to name but a few.

The minimalist style does away with any unnecessary gimmicks and focusses on substance and performance. De Machi’s goal is to keep you riding comfortably for longer, to allow you to perform at your best. Their clothing is developed and produced in San Vendemiano, Italy and offers several different styles, from their authentic line of replica jerseys of old to innovative modern garments using technical fabrics to cater to rider’s needs.

Where to buy

Where to buy De Marchi

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