7mesh was formed by a three industrious Canadians, Calum Davidson, Tyler Jordan and Ian Martin in 2013. Their vision was to create innovative and technical clothing for both roadies and mountain bikers.

With their experience in the technical outdoor clothing industry, the Squamish locals had the idea of providing cyclists with clothing perfect for the harsh conditions they experience while riding in alpine environments. The first product they put to market in 2015, was a cycling rain jacket, but this was just the start. The 7mesh clothing range now consists of high-quality shorts, jerseys, vests, base layers and jackets. 7mesh separates itself from more traditional cycling apparel brands, by focusing on making performance clothing for road, gravel and mountain bike disciplines. Their style consists of a clean and simple look, with subtle and tasteful colours.

In 2017 the company has teamed up with fellow Canadian brand, Lululemon. This strategic move was a collaboration to ensure that their research and development leads to the production of truly remarkable sportswear for both men and women.

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Where to buy 7mesh

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