Created and designed in Melbourne Australia, and distributed through select cycling stores, MAAP produce premium cycling apparel for men and women who appreciate quality, design and art.

MAAP’s philosophy is all about creating cycling staples with longevity; combining timeless style with premium quality and performance fabrics. Their products are proven on the road, in real life.

MAAP cycling clothes are stylish, but their quality makes them a contender for more established clothing brands. Maap’s range is based around their passion for quality, function and precision. They produce fantastic cycling clothes for consumers and professional cyclists alike. Their choice of fabrics is soft and breathable, which contributes to the comfort you get from the well thought out cuts.

MAAP’s clothing has a careful use of colour and a tasteful aesthetic. Their eye-catching graphics give their Jerseys and shorts a unique style that isn’t over the top and remains classy.

Where to buy

Where to buy MAAP

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