Troy Lee Designs

Troy Lee originally started out as a motocross rider but became famous for customizing helmets for fellow professional motorbike racers in his parent’s garage in Corona, California. As his reputation for being one of the world’s best helmet customizers grew, he launched Troy Lee Designs in 1981.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Troy Lee painted iconic helmet designs for legendary sports personalities, such as Jon Tromac and Shaun Palmer. In 2000, the brand started to develop its own range of protective gear for its athletes and customers, with the trademark TLD style.

Since then, Troy Lee Designs has developed a vast portfolio of products, including clothing, helmet visors, helmets, and protection for motocross and mountain bike riders.

Troy Lee Designs’ clothing traditionally features bold designs and colors. There are various cuts and sleeve lengths to suit freestyle, all-mountain, downhill, BMX, and motocross riders, and are all made from technical and breathable fabrics. With the motocross heritage, you can be sure Troy Lee Designs products are hard wearing and high quality.

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Where to buy Troy Lee Designs

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