Italian company Campagnolo is famed for building drivetrains and wheels for road bikes since the 1930s. They are involved in sponsoring and providing equipment to many professional cyclists and cycling teams all over the world. In 2018 they released their range of specialist road cycling clothes, that combine technological innovation with Italian style.

The design of Campagnolo’s clothes has a slightly retro but classy look, but don’t think that it is all form over function. Their philosophy of “performance first” focuses on flexible & supportive fabrics with anatomic cuts, to give you the full range of movement for road riding. The other qualities Campagnolo pride themselves on is aerodynamic efficiency, whilst incorporating compression technology to help keep the rider fit and reducing muscle fatigue.

Developed and manufactured in Italy Their durable fabrics incorporate anti-abrasion properties, triple sewn seams and antibacterial treatment. Their range of road cycling clothes includes jerseys, shorts, jackets, base layers and winter clothing for both men and women cyclists.

Where to buy

Where to buy Campagnolo

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