Assos is the Swiss giant of cycling kit. Widely credited with inventing the skinsuit, they’ve been innovating since the mid 70s.

Assos is a family business. Founder, Tony Maier started producing kits for local teams in his basement. His Mum came up with the brand name (from the Greek word for ‘ace’). Tony’s son and daughter now control an impressive European operation.

So far, so similar to a few other classic brands. But Assos has always been a little bit …different.

Take its kit names (iJ.bonKaCento.6, sJ.blitzFeder_evo7, anyone?). Or ‘Assos man’ – the only male model they ever use. Or the Assos belief system, the apex of which is a spiritual connection to cycling, which goes hand-in-hand with wearing Assos (obviously). Everything’s designed to be a little peculiar, to grab attention.

Add in an obsessive commitment to technical kit design and it’s no wonder Assos inspire such loyalty in their customers.

Where to buy

Where to buy Assos

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